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By Dr Hazel Wardha (Ph.D.), Melbourne

Our planet needs help desperately. Tune in to its vibrations and the turmoil is hysterical. The earth trembles in agony with the pain that its children have caused her. The darkness engulfs it more and more. What are we to do? We are not helpless for we have the Divine Spark within us. Why do we not do something? The concern for Mother Earth is fragmentary. There are just a few people who are worried about what is happening and are keenly aware of the need for drastic and wide scale action. But how can the healing occur? What are the means to initiate it?

As humans we are Beings of Energy and this constitutes our Power – the power to effect change and restore the Earth to its original pristine state and equilibrium. The vortices of Energy that control human activities on our Planet have got soiled and contaminated by the vibrations of selfishness, greed, hatred, division, discord, jealousy, malpractices, materialism and lack of spirituality and insufficient contact with our Souls, our Divine Selves. These dirty vortices of energy, created by human beings, need a good spring clean. They need the injection of fresh, revitalizing energy – the vibrations of Love, Light, Oneness, generosity, forgiveness, mercy, Loving kindness, peace, harmony, selflessness, unconditional giving and deep spirituality. Together we can restore the glory and beauty of our Planet and its people. It needs only a little effort but it must be the endeavour of large groups of people operating with single minded intent – the will to do good, the will to bring about the desired transformation in ourselves and the working together towards generating vibrations to cleanse and energize Mother Earth.

When large groups of people meditate together with focused intention, the energy generated is so powerful that a strong shift is consciousness occurs among the participants as well as in the whole Planet. The secret source of this stupendous power is within all of us and it can be released for philanthropic purposes and for self development and spiritualization by using specific techniques to activate this power.

How did our Planet move into this state of chronic disease? Each one of us has contributed to it by the unsavoury elements that we have nourished and nurtured in our psyches. Who is free from guilt? All of us, at one stage or another are guilty of sullying Mother Earth. We do not have to look very far to see how we have done so – just consider what we have done to our immediate families – does love prevail or discord and heartache? It is no wonder that our Planet has got depressed. So, in order to correct this we need large group action.

You will ask, in what manner? The solution is simple – we need to open up and cleanse and activate our Twin Hearts. What are they?

The Twin Hearts refers to our Heart and Crown energy centers. These are the two most powerful and major centers of our energy bodies. If we develop these two centers there is nothing that we cannot achieve. We shall become Masters of Destiny itself and govern the Destiny of our Planet. If everybody focuses on building these two centers into powerful agents to effect personal transformation, then Planetary transformation is undoubtedly possible. How do we do so?
There is a very sweet, simple, and beautiful way to achieve this goal. It is through meditating on the Twin Hearts. The old adage that what you meditate on you become is true. GM Choa Kok Sui has now revealed to the world a simple, powerful technique of activating the two major centers, the heart and the Crown, which has been kept secret for centuries as a select group of people wished to keep the power for themselves. GM Choa Kok Sui has demystified this esoteric technique in a simple meditation, called the Twin Hearts Meditation for Inner and Planetary Peace and Illumination. It is a powerful method of self healing for helping our Planet and its inhabitants. There is a strong philanthropic chord that is struck during this meditation.

Before I go on to elaborate details of this meditation let me illustrate from personal experience its transformational effect on myself. When we lost our 26 years old son in a drowning accident, every parents nightmare became our reality. It was during this awful state of depression and devastating grief that I was introduced to the Twin Hearts meditation. I had almost lost the will to live but as I started using this meditation technique daily, the will to live was slowly but surely restored. When I blessed others and the Earth and self healed during this meditation my consciousness expanded and I began to sense a new power growing within me. During such states of expanded consciousness I would also occasionally make Soul contact with our son and this brought the realization of our indestructible quality and that we were truly One with all and that Death caused no separation of the Spirit.

As I continued with this meditation practice my spiritual powers began to manifest more strongly in my healing work. The depression and the self destructive effect of the disabling grief began to recede and I decided to share this transformation with others in order to help them. I wanted them also to experience the spiritual heights, the bliss, the healing, the self empowerment, the liberation from states of helplessness, the sense of the power and glory within adn without, which are the outcomes of doing the Twin Hearts meditation. The philanthropic chord which this meditation evokes is powerful and helps us to realize that we can do it – we can restore our Planet to its pristine state of harmony and beauty, if we work together in large groups to achieve this end.

Seven People doing Meditation on Twin Hearts together can generate equal to 100 people doing it alone. Meditation on Twin Hearts groups can and will make a difference as we are beings of light, love and power…

The Twin Hearts are the Crown and the Heart centers. The Divine Spark within each of us can be brought to its full potential if we develop these two centers of energy that link us directly to Divine Forces. The heart center is the seat of emotional love and our life thread, emanating from our Divine Selves is anchored here. The degree of the development of the heart center determines the strength of our refined emotions – the compassion, loving kindness, generosity, mercy, tenderness, sweetness, forgiveness, unconditional love that we possess.

When the heart center is activated during the meditation, with daily practice it is possible to cultivate the refined emotions and root out their opposites: the hatred, anger, selfishness, jealousy and harmfulness and all those negative emotions that have damaged ourselves and our Planet. When the heart center is permanently activated the powerful and refined vibrations that emanate from us affect positively all those around us and our personal power increases. When the heart center is open, activated and powerful, our influence on others is beneficial and a state of harmonious living is created and maintained. If members of all Governments focused on this, we would have no wars, conflict or chaos.

It is only when the Heart center is activated that it is possible to activate the Crown Center. This center is the seat of Divine Love, Soul Realization and Enlightenment. It is the entry point for Divine Force. When this center is highly activated, the individual can access unlimited and powerful Divine energies for self transformation, personal power and to help our Planet and its inhabitants. During the meditation when the Crown center becomes activated there is a powerful downpouring of Divine Energy, cleansing and energizing our entire system and infusing it with Love, Light and Power.

An important part of the Twin Hearts meditation is to direct these vibrations of Love, Peace, harmony, Light and Power to the Planet and its inhabitants. We thus render invaluable world service for when we direct the energy generated by the meditation and bless the Earth, bringing in the Divine Force into our Crown and heart centers, we are participating in an active and positive endeavour to heal the discord, the chaos, the lovelessness, the anguish of our Planet and its people.

An additional benefit of doing this meditation regularly is that the energy body or aura of the meditator doubles and during the full moon it quadruples. When the aura is in a state of such great expansion, any thoughts that are projected will materialize. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to materialise personal goals – spiritual or material. When this meditation is done in a large group, the energy that is generated for this purpose is phenomenal. According to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, 7 people doing this meditation together generates energy equal to 100 people doing it alone.

There is enough evidence to reveal that large groups of people meditating together, with focussed attention can make a significant difference. Groups in USA have meditated to bring the crime rate down in their towns. We can and will make a difference. We are beings of Power, Energy, Light and Love. Let us exercise our power together and bring the Light and Love back into our Planet with full force.

Dr. Hazel Wardha (Ph.D.) is a senior certified instructor of MCKS, Australia.

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