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This Great Invocation is the prayer of the age.

This connects us to the Mind (Light & Wisdom), the Heart (Love) and Will (Power) of the Supreme One who is collectively manifesting on Earth to transform it into the Divine. It leads to rapid Spiritual Development and makes us an increasing instrument of the Divine Love, Peace and Harmony.

Hope all families that take it and use it in their homes will experience the Love, Light, Harmony and fulfillment of this great prayer of the age.

  • Frame the Poster without glass as it is already laminated.
  • Place it on the eastern wall above the Head level so that you look up to it.
    (Don’t keep it too high where you have to strain to read and to hold the head up)
  • The poster faces West & we face East.
  • Light sandal incense before it every day.

Ways to use it: FOR LAYMEM

  • Chant OM or AMEN or AMIN 3 times.
  • Read the invocation meaningfully with awareness 3 times.
  • Be aware of the Silence and your breath and receive the energy into the whole body and being.
  • Chant OM or AMEN or AMIN 3 times.
  • Thanks to your Gurus & the Supreme.


  • Our invocations.
  • Chanting of OM or AMEN or AMIN 3 times.
  • Reading the invocation with meaning 3 times.
  • Open your Heart Centre / Chakra (like twin hearts) and send loving energy to the Chakra.
  • Open your Crown Center / Chakra and send light to the Chakra.
  • Simultaneously send Light & Love to the chakra on the poster with awareness.
  • Be still and receive the energy into all parts of your being with awareness. Meditate for a few minutes in silence.
  • Chant OM or AMEN or AMIN 3 times.
  • Thanks giving.
Download-Centre The Great Invocation

St. Francis of Assisi was a Christian mystic of a very high order. And was recognized as the Saint of the animals and birds. All animals especially birds would come and would communicate with Him. He would talk to them in their language. He was an Epitome of Love, and the order of St. Francis was established in later years.

The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi is an extraordinary prayer, which subscribes the essence of living a Divine Life.

This prayer has a mantric* effect of opening our Heart Chakra. It is owing to this our beloved Master has used it effectively in the Meditation on Twin Hearts – also called Meditation on Planetary Peace and Illumination.

Anyone who understands this Meditation in spirit and practices it in thought word and deed – manifesting in their day to day life will automatically be transformed into a Divine Being – the next stage of evolution.


Can be used any time. It is a daily prayer, can be used before your meals and for Thanks Giving.

* mantric – Mantra can be broken up as ‘man’ = mind. ‘Tra’ = Three States. A mantra is a Sanskrit term which means a potent word or syllable that takes control over your three states of your consciousness (conscious, sub-conscious and un-conscious); awakens your mind and taken control of it. In short, it gives a certain mastery over a mind.

Download-Centre The Prayer of St. Francis of Asisi

‘SO HUM’ literally means THAT I AM. This is a special mantra connected with the Causal Body. The Causal Body is the same as the Soul sheath. This potent word or mantra works on purifying our Soul. It brings about the identity with the Soul and awareness of the Soul.

In India and all over the world (especially the orient) this sacred syllable is used for Higher Initiations by the Guru for his disciples. There are many esoteric ways of using this syllable.

The SO HUM prayer is better known as Prayer for Soul Affirmation.

Way to use it :

  • Chant ‘OM’ three times.
  • Tell the prayer three times with awareness (loudly or silently).
  • Be Still and Let Go. Go into your Inner Silence.
  • Meditate for a few minutes in silence.
  • End with the ‘OM’ – chanting thrice.
Download-Centre So Hum

What is Forgiveness? What is Forgiving? How can we forgive? Should we forgive?

Forgiveness is a state of mind in which the patterns of consciousness which keep you bound to those feeling of hurt, resentment, anger, hatred and revenge and released. These feelings are energy forms which incite the person to exhibit unwholesome behavior and act in a manner which is detrimental to your progress and evolution as a person and soul.

Usually when we are stuck with a problem, we ran know that there is some forgiving to be done. When we are unable to flow freely with life in present moment, it means that we are holding on past moments which were painful in hurting.

Love heals. Pathway to love is Forgiveness. It resolves resentment and revengeful stales. When you forgive, you can make love flow. All forms of inner and physical healing takes place.

Negative Karma can be neutralized by utilizing the “Law of Forgiveness” and the “Law of Mercy”. As stated in the prayer of St. Francis of ASSISI. “It is in pardoning that we are Pardoned,” and in the Lord’s Prayer, “One must first forgive and bless those who who have hurt us.”

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