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Commitment to Master’s Vision

Meditation on Twin Hearts (Essence of all the Meditations) across the world. Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of TS & AP is committed to this Vision and has made this our collective Mission. On a long run, it is to sow the seeds of Arhatic Yoga and create Arhatic Yogis all over the world. This is to take forward the human evolution to the next stage and bring down the Golden Age of our Ascended masters.As a part of this mission, we in TS & AP (most beautiful states of India – in the Southern part) trained 2 Lakh (0.2 million) Basic Pranic Healers, 14,800 Advanced & Psychotherapy Healers, 300 Teachers (teaching various courses, out of which more than 50 are actively teaching). We produced thousands of Arhatic Yogis and several of them took their Advance Seminars on the following courses – Higher Arhatic Levels, Clairvoyance, Pranic Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychic Self Defence, Kriyashakti, Pranic Feng Shui, Spiritual Business Management, Superbrain Yoga, Spiritual Essence of Man, Hinduism Revealed, Christianity Revealed, Buddhism Revealed, Om Mani Padme Hum and Lord’s Prayer. We are the leading States in India and the world in producing Pranic Healers, thanks to blessings and grace of our beloved Master.Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of TS & AP also taught these self empowering techniques of this Complimentary Energy Healing Therapy to prisoners, orphanages, tribal, armed forces, war widows, the deaf & dumb, blind, old-age homes, charity institutions etc., free of cost.As we continue to work towards building a better world around us, we invite you to explore the world of energy and discover the power within you – the power to heal, the power to take charge of your life in your hands. We invite you to learn Pranic Healing with us.Contact us here.