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The brain is an Electro-chemical organ using Electro- magnetic energies to function. Electrical activity emerating from the brain in displayed in the form of brain waves.

There are four categories of these brain waves. They range from the high amplitude, low frequency Delta to the low amplitude, high frequency Beta. Men, Women and Children of all ages experience the same characteristic brain waves. They are consistent across cultures and country boundaries.

Beta  State

13 to 30 cycles per second Jagrat or Walking state connected to Sthula Sharira. Information from the 5 senses in interpreted by Manas (thought & counter thought), Buddhi (discrimination), Ahamkara (ego) and Chitta (memory) and associated with Pingala Nadi.

Used in waking awareness, extroversion, concentration, logical thinking & active conversation. A debator would be in high beta. A person making a speech or a teacher, or a talk show host would be all in beta when they are engaged in their work.

Alpha  state

7 to 13 cycles per second – relaxation times, non-arousal, meditation, hypnosis.

Theta State

4 to 7 cycles per second connected to Sukshma Sharira – day dreaming, dreaming, creativity, meditation, Paranormal Phenomenon, out of body experiences, ESP, Shamanic Journeys. It is typically a very positive mental state.

At a deeper level, the consciousness encounters subjective experience in the sub conscious realm of swapna, the dream state and the experiences are those of the subtle or astral body, the Sukshma Sharira. The consciousness becomes involved in the mental impressions of Jagrat, undergoing the memories in the Karana Sharira or the causal body, the place where every action, every thought and word is stored. In the subconscious, there is no objective experience through the senses. The experiences are purely mental and is associated with Ida Nadi.

Gamma, Delta (Shushupti)

1.5 to 4 cycles per second – deep dreamless sleep. When the unconscious layer of the mind (dreamless deep sleep) is entered, it  undergoes the experiences of the causal or Etheric body, the Karana Sharira. This is Shushupti where the gross & the subtle mind no longer function and the consciousness is not bound by time or space. There still remains a trace of individual existance and the Atman is still caught in darkness. This state is associated with Sushumna Nadi before it is awakened.


The awareness crosses the barriers of finite mind into the infinite. The Atman remains oblivious to the external, internal and intermediate worlds and enters into Thuriya where neither sight or thought can penetrate. Individual consciousness unites with its source, pure Atman.


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